Passport Driving License in Finland is among the key documents issued by governments around the world for individuals to identify themselves and take advantage of other perks. The requirement first appeared in the UK in 1904 – 18 years after Karl Benz applied for the patent for his first vehicle gas-powered vehicle.Driving License in Finland

Ever since, more and more governments around the world have been introducing new legislations and today, the it’s present in virtually every country in the world. Usually taking the form of a credit card-sized plastic piece, a driving license allows holders to operate motor vehicles on public roads, with each vehicle type often requiring a different kind of license.

How to get a driving license in Finland

Before applying for a driver’s license in Finland, potential candidates must first obtain a permit that will allow them to undergo theory and practical tests. Some of the prerequisites include the applicant’s age, which is different depending on the category, and health clearance from a qualified medical practitioner.

With a permit, the applicant can then visit a driving school where they’ll have to complete at least 18 hours of instructions, including risk recognition training, theory, and driving lessons. Once that’s over, it’s time for the theory test which can be taken one month before turning 18, with the proper permits from Traficom or if it’s a commercial driver’s training.

This process has been hugely simplified with the introduction of My e-Services – a service that allows citizens and residents alike file their application for driving license online.

Finnish driver’s license

As a member of the European Economic Area, Finland uses normalized driving license template similar to the ones issued by fellow EU members. It contains the person’s name, date of birth, address, and photograph. On the front, holders will also find the date the license is issued as well as the day it’s due to expire.

On the back is the list of vehicles the holder can operate with their own issue and expiry dates. In Finland, there are 17 different categories depending on the type of the vehicle, its power, and the type of the license (private or commercial). Each of them requires a separate exam, both practice and theory, and a new license is then issued, now with the extra permit added.

Even though the license features many exquisite security features, you can still buy online sample driver’s license, many of which resemble the original very closely.

Online lookup

Finnish bureaucracy is one of the most developed in the world. They allow many citizens to check things online, which is especially useful during the pandemic. When it comes do the river’s license, holders can access their information such as driving license data, professional qualifications, driving record, and print copies of each in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

Only the holder and authorized people, such as government officials, can perform driver license lookup for information which is otherwise not available to the general public.


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